Zone4 is Hiring!


Location: Eastern Canada

Zone4 is looking for one outstanding candidate to spearhead expansion in the flourishing event timing services market in eastern North America. The successful candidate will be employee #1 of the Zone4 East office!

Our advice to you: don’t ignore this opportunity, it is awesome, and so are we.

Your roles and responsibilities would include:

  • Managing the eastern shipping hub for timing equipment rental to Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic provinces.
  • Planning, coordinating and executing sales and marketing efforts in eastern Canada (Quebec and Ontario) and the eastern US.
  • Providing emergency, remote, and on-site race support to races in eastern Canada and the US.

We are looking for a long term commitment. As the captain of the Zone4 East ship, we need you to be in it for the long haul.

Who you are

You are a rockstar. You love to work hard and you love to play hard. You aren’t dogmatic, you’re pragmatic. You want to make the world a better place and you want to do it through exceptional customer service. Great service is not just your not your mandate, it’s your operating platform. You embrace the hard problems like sales, marketing, logistics, automation and warehousing. Sport, people, technology, these are a few of your favourite things. You know that life is awesome and full of amazing people, and more than anything, you want a job that lets you live that every day.

We’re looking for the following qualities:

  • Detail and process oriented – you’re running a shipping & receiving hub, the gear needs to get there on time, and work, 100% of the time
  • Ability to work remotely with the rest of the team in Canmore. You’ll be in daily communication with the Canmore office and using common tools for support, sales, and communication – we’ve got your back!
  • Self-motivated and independent worker – you’re on your own out there, at least for a little while, and you must excel at working independently
  • Love to problem solve – we need you to be smart, with the ability to learn quickly and solve technical problems
  • Strong leadership and management skills – we will eventually start building a team around you, you must be a natural leader
  • Excellent communicator and teacher – you will have to listen to people, sometimes frustrating and/or challenging people (but mostly awesome people), and you will have to teach these people to use the zone4 force
  • Strong writing skills – you don’t have to be a mind-bending word ninja, but proficient reading and writing in English is essential
  • Bilingual – English and French
  • Willing to travel
  • Willing to work weekends – this is when the real zone4 timing magic happens
  • Have space for rental timing equipment – approx 100 sq/ft or a spare bedroom should suffice, the space must be heated
  • Creative, resourceful, and adaptable – you will have to adapt to and creatively solve the daily operating challenges of running a small shipping hub and a satellite office
  • Knowledge of sports and race timing is an asset – because it’s what we do and what we love


  • Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau or similar – you will be operating a rental hub, shipping must be easy and cheap (no remote access log cabins)
  • Initially, your office and the rental equipment storage will be in your home

Our short term milestones for you:

  • 1 month of training in the Canmore office
  • Facilitate and present a training course with Cycling Ontario clubs
  • Race support at Sea Otter Canada and Nationals XC MTB
  • Present demos to key clubs in the region
  • Travel to GNCC to support Sport-Tag in product development
  • Work towards hiring your first staff and expanding to office space outside of the home (once you’ve grown your sales base big enough)

Who we are

We’re not all rockstars, word ninjas, and sharks, but some of us are some of those things, and most of us can stay up late and still wake up and take care of business in the morning. We are skiers, mountain bikers, runners, photographers, knitters, and book lovers. We are well-rounded and well-grounded. In our heart of hearts, we are nerds. We love to learn. Technology is our jam. We are single people, family people, happy people. We are people who chase powder and hero dirt, and we really don’t understand suits? We work flexible hours and follow a strict powder policy. We know that powder and tacky dirt is the universe declaring a holiday.


If you’ve read this far, and you’re thinking “I have to talk to these guys”, then we agree! Don’t bother pressing your pants, we get it, working from home means pants are optional, and so does a video interview.

Please send us your résumé to