Searching for events by location

There’s a lot of stuff on Zone4 lately! And with ski season about to start, there’s going to be even more soon. This means you have to scroll a bit sometimes to find what you’re looking for on our homepage.

To make things easier, we’ve enabled location filtering on just click the little place marker in the search bar to only display events within 200km of your location.

We use your IP address to detect your location, so the location we detect for you might be off by a bit depending on the location your internet provider reports, but for most people it should be roughly accurate.

I’m an event organizer. How do I set the location of my event?

We use the “City” field from your settings to determine the location. If your event isn’t showing in the search results for the correct area, find the City field in your race, registration, event, or organization settings and make sure it is set to the correct city.