From Alaska to the Southeast !

If you had told me, a few years ago, that I would have been giving remote support for winter events and summer events during the same weekend, I would have had a hard time believing you. But this weekend, it happened!

This weekend was the Alaska High School State Ski Championship and in Tennessee we had the first Mountain Bike events for the XC Southeast group and for the Go Nuts Biking Enduros.

At this time of year, the average temperature in Alaska are still well below freezing, the days are getting longer and it is prime conditions for skiing. In Tennessee, temperatures are around 15-18 Celcius and the dirt is in prime condition to rip your mountain bike around!

That being said, we had an amazing weekend of events, from Alaska to the SouthEast!

The 2021 Alaska High School State Championship

The Alaska High School State Championships were a 3 day event: 2 individual start races and 1 relay race.

The organizers had to limit the numbers of racers to under 200 because of the current Covid-19 situation. The timing team on site did an amazing job using the Zone4 timing software following FIS homologated rules.

With the good wifi at the Matsu ski club, we were able to offer live timing all weekend! You can see on the picture above that everyone was wearing a mask except the racers! Great job everyone!

Lori (Head Timer) and her amazing team on site!

The Matsu Ski Club did an amazing job with the event and we were happy to be there to help from Canmore! Looking forward to many more events with that crew!

XC SouthEast

Our friends from Downhill SouthEast started a new series this year, now known as XC Southeast. This Cross Country Mountain Bike race was the first event for them timing with our GoChip system. They had just under 150 racers!

Photo from the xcsoutheast instagram:

Everyone enjoyed the amazing trails from Ride Kanuga Bike Park and the live timing offered lap times for everyone!

Photo from the xcsoutheast instagram:

It was all smiles for the weekend and everyone is looking forward for their next event!

Go Nuts Biking

Go Nuts Biking is a new member of the Zone4 family. This past weekend, they had their first Enduro of the season which was a 5 stage Enduro with just under 250 racers. The conditions were challenging during the race with lots of mud caused by heavy rain in the days prior to the event.

Everyone was ready to conquer the trails and give it all they got!

Photo from the thenickwalkins instagram:

The challenge for timing was that the event was mostly offline with no cell coverage. That meant that the times were getting uploaded on Zone4 only when racers would come back close to the main staging area where they had wifi access. What is great about our system is that the chip records the times as the racer rides around the course, and carries them with the riders until they come into wifi range. That make us feel very confident timing a race even in a dead wifi zone like this event experienced.

Photo from the thenickwalkins instagram:

A big thank you to our friend Mickey who took care of timing on site and did an amazing job. From setting up the gear, handing out chips and making sure times were coming in smoothly, he did a great job! Looks like everyone had a good time out there and we hope to time events with Go Nuts Biking again soon!

We are really excited to have many “in person” events on our calendar coming up! We’ll keep you guys posted!

Have a great week!

Etienne and the Zone4 Team