The Summer of Gravel Enthusiasts

Meet the gravel bike; the ultimate adventure bike. With its specific build, you get the freedom to ride on anything. When comparing it to other bikes, you’ll find mountain bikes are great for technical riding and road bikes are amazing for speed, but you’re stuck on either dirt trails or pavement.

Here’s a few words I exchanged with Majo Srnik, an ex-pro ultra runner, about the beauty of gravel racing. 

Majo discovered gravel riding after his ankle injury, as he hasn’t been able to run as much. Most of his training includes gravel biking, so he decided to give racing a shot. Majo competed at the Fernie Gravel Grind race that we timed at Zone 4. He mentioned that the whole race community is super fun and chill. Many others have been hopping on the gravel riding train, and at Zone 4, we’ve noticed a spike of interest in the racing as well. Make sure to check in with your local biking community to find the next cool gravel race to try out! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Zone 4 Team