The Summer of Gravel Enthusiasts

Meet the gravel bike; the ultimate adventure bike. With its specific build, you get the freedom to ride on anything. When comparing it to other bikes, you’ll find mountain bikes are great for technical riding and road bikes are amazing for speed, but you’re stuck on either dirt trails or pavement.

Here’s a few words I exchanged with Majo Srnik, an ex-pro ultra runner, about the beauty of gravel racing. 

Majo discovered gravel riding after his ankle injury, as he hasn’t been able to run as much. Most of his training includes gravel biking, so he decided to give racing a shot. Majo competed at the Fernie Gravel Grind race that we timed at Zone 4. He mentioned that the whole race community is super fun and chill. Many others have been hopping on the gravel riding train, and at Zone 4, we’ve noticed a spike of interest in the racing as well. Make sure to check in with your local biking community to find the next cool gravel race to try out! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Zone 4 Team

Summer Update

This summer, we kicked off at full speed with tons of cool events and we’re stoked to give you some news on what we’ve been up to! With all hands on deck at the office! Thanks to our Zone 4 community of organizers, race timers, and users across North America, we’ve been able to time on average 15 races every weekend. That adds up to a total of at least 200 races since May! 

With so many races going on, one can find a great variety of sports to compete in such as marathons, triathlons, cycling events and even one wheel races! The Onewheel Racing League of the ORL is a global organization for the best Onewheel competitions. The World’s best riders send it down all kinds of terrain; dirt trails, jumps, and even park features. 

On July 16th, we timed the Sturdy Dirty Mountain Bike race in Seattle, WA. This race was created in 2010 for women, by women to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. Now the team gives back to the trail riding community and creates an intimidation-free competition experience for women. Around 300 badass ladies challenged the single-track course in Tiger Mountain State Forest and crushed it!

Dear Zone 4 race community, that’s it for now. Thanks for being awesome!

Ema and the Zone 4 Team